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Trump has been Impeached!

A hypothetical journey
American Flag in front of Trump Pic

American Flag in front of Trump Pic

How would America be?

Imagine it's two years from now and you just woke up for another day of life. You get your morning coffee, open the daily newspaper, and turn on your TV. Oh wait, this isn't the year 2000... so you get your morning latte, open your mobile newsfeeds, and flip open your social apps. And then the news hits you -- Trump has just been impeached.

You could react in one of many ways -- sobbing like you just lost a family friend, celebrating like your team just won the Superbowl, chuckling like you just heard the punchline to a well-rehearsed joke. Regardless of your reaction, you start to wonder what happens next? Well first of all, the Vice President would take Trump's place (that is Mike Pence, in case you didn't know).

For those of you unfamiliar with Pence, you may want to research him before pushing to have Trump impeached. Not only does he support many of Trump's policies, he is even further "right" on some of them. To name a few, he strongly opposes gay-marriage (some would argue he is even anti-gay), he strongly opposes abortion, he is anti public-education, he fought against Syrian immigration in Indiana, and he is very pro-guns. For some people, this may sound terrific but I'm guessing not to those who are trying to impeach Trump.

Liberals have been behaving very emotionally ever since the election -- from demands for vote recounts, to protests that Trump isn't their President, to threatening to leaving the country, to talks of secession of entire States. So it's no surprise that they're reacting so emotionally about this topic too. I suspect that only a small percentage of these people have given any thought to what would happen if Pence were to become President.

Be careful what you wish for.

Twitter is trending, coalitions are congregating, people are protesting -- they want Trump to be impeached. But my advice is to be careful what you wish for. If you are one of those who are trying to impeach Trump I'm guessing that you are hoping for policies to change in a way that actually benefits your life. As it stands if Trump is impeached, you may be unleashing a beast far worse and far more dangerous than Trump has ever been, even in his craziest tweets.

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