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The World is Laughing

Poster of Trump with

Poster of Trump with "Nope" Caption

But is the joke on them?

People say "the world" is laughing at us, that they are laughing at the election of Trump, that they think we are a joke and scoff at our electoral process. They say the world thinks America is doomed, that the rift between parties has grown too great, that we are too divided as a people to ever stand united again. Maybe they are right, but then who are they to pass judgment? Let's take a moment to look at the "world" around us:

  • Canada: They continue to destroy the ecosystem with the Alberta Oil Sands (though new regulations look to control this), have a pretty lousy highway infrastructure, pay enormous amounts of taxes, have higher unemployment than the USA, and have a high cost of living coupled with an over-inflated housing market. Plus their coins never seem to work in our vending machines, what's up with that?
  • Mexico: Wrought with poverty, the citizens live in overpopulated, dirty, and polluted conditions. There is excessive violence from drug cartels as well as corruption from politicians that drain resources from their country. And let's face it, their education system isn't exactly the world's finest.
  • South America: The countries of South America suffer from extremely slow Internet (yes, even slower than America). They have more poverty, more drug cartels, and more violence. Meanwhile their corrupt governments and corporations take citizens' lands for their natural resources without regard for their rights.
  • Africa: Many African countries have widespread poverty, endless violence, and a large presence of terrorist groups. If that weren't enough, they have high rates of diseases and some of the worst education in the world. They do have a lot of natural resources but due to unbelievable corruption, the people rarely benefit from the riches.
  • Europe: Europe of course has a lot of decent countries in it, but they also just lost one of the key members in the European Union (Britain). The secession highlighted some of the European Union issues, which is stagnating economic growth, major immigration issues, and lack of security as they have been targeted by recent terrorist attacks.
  • Asia: Overpopulation is becoming a huge issue in Asian countries, so much so that China had to implement a one-child policy (which has been changed to a two-child policy). The overpopulation and industrialization has increased pollution substantially. Worse yet, some of the countries have severe issues with human trafficking. And some find their governments to be very oppressive.
  • Middle East: Many live in abject fear from the continual violence caused by terrorist groups and destabilization of the regions (thanks to countries like the USA). The countries are ruled by ruthless dictators who clash often with terrorists and rebel factions. In the Middle-East, human rights seem to be an after-thought when it concerns women and minority religious groups.

Is this the world that is laughing at us? Are these the people whose opinion you are so concerned about? Why do you care what these countries think of us, anyway? Do you think they truly have America's best interests in mind? Maybe instead of worrying about what others think, you should stand up for yourself and your country.

The punch line.

Is America a perfect place to live? No of course not. But as outlined above, not too many places are. All countries have their strengths and weaknesses, some far more than others. When you start making decisions to try to win other people's praise or respect, that's when you are bound to lose it the most. Of course our system isn't perfect and of course we don't always get it right. But show me a country who believes they have the perfect system and I'll show you a country living in delusion.

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