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Beauty & the Beast too Gay

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For Asian country of Malaysia.

Tomorrow Disney will unleash its latest film (ahem, reboot) upon the world -- most of the world anyway. "Beauty and the Beast" will be showing at a theater near you, unless you live in Malaysia as its Film Censorship Board wants various parts of the movie removed -- specifically, the gay moments.

In Malaysia, it is illegal to "engage in homosexual activities" and even punishable by law, so you could see why they wouldn't want to air a film that encourages this type of behavior. Meanwhile Disney said it won't make the requested edits to the movie which leaves Malaysia in the lurch. I won't get into the politics of Malaysia, as that would take another whole article (or two).

The question is, should kids movies have controversial issues such as homosexuality in them? Most adults have the ability to make up their own minds, and teens are usually too busy getting into their own special kinds of "situations" to worry about a kids film, but what about the children? Won't somebody think of the children!

Much of who you are today is based on your own unique personality coupled with what you were presented with as a child. You (hopefully) learned about social norms, acceptance, etiquette, and all the other nuances of interacting with the people around you. But is a movie the proper venue to introduce (or reinforce) these type of hotly debated topics?

Some would say it's unacceptable for a movie to teach kids that homosexuality is normal and acceptable so it has no business in the film to begin with. Some say the parent should watch first and then decide if it's suitable for their child (though some respond that's just putting more money into the movie's bankroll). Some say the producers have a responsibility of letting people know when a kid's movie might have a controversial topic in it -- perhaps some sort of new-age modernized rating system?

The bottom line is that some parents (right or wrong) do not want their kids exposed to certain things -- and homosexuality is on that list. Disney is a huge company and gets a lot of publicity so it's unlikely a parent would let their child see "Beauty and the Beast" without knowing of such content in advance. But what about smaller films that aren't as well known? With those in mind, it might not be such a bad idea to introduce a new rating system.

Rated PG (Possibly Gay)

For whatever reason, I'm not entirely comfortable watching homosexual activity. But to be fair, I understand that people will be attracted to whoever they're attracted to. If you happen to be against it, that's your prerogative too. But unless something changes, the onus of responsibility is on you to pre-screen these films so that your kids aren't learning life's lessons from a movie screen. Just keep in mind there are far worse mediums they could learn about these controversial issues from.... like some random editorial blog, perhaps?

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beta says:
on Thu, 03/16/2017 at 19:14

this article is rated possibly gay lol but no really why should movies aimed at kids be allowed to push their agendas?? keep with the original story line it isn't difficult geesh.

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