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October 2016

Indians, Redskins, and Braves Oh My!

Oct 14, 2016 - Comments: 0
Native American in Scenery

The natives are restless.

With the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, media attention has again focused on the large swarms (i.e. extremely small subgroups) of people who are infuriated by the "obviously" racist names of some national sports teams against Native Americans. They are attempting to pressure the franchises into changing their names and/or logos.

Let Addicts Die

Oct 02, 2016 - Comments: 0
Black and White Cemetary

Many have said to let addicts die.

Recreational drug usage has reportedly become an epidemic in the USA. Illicit drugs have become common even in affluent neighborhoods. With the rash of recent reports of drug overdoses across America (specifically heroin), there was an influx of posts on social media saying that we should just let these people die.

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